One-2-Five E-tutor features

Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with some of the useful features of the program...

ComposersA composer is featured in every course so we have made a dedicated section for these composer pages. More are added in subsequent grades.
OrchestraThe Orchestra department also contains the featured instruments from the 4 courses with some supplementary information added.
HistoryThis icon sometimes displayed on the top icon-bar is the link to the 'history' section. Grade 1 covers from the renaissance to baroque periods. If you upgrade to Grade 2 the 'classical' period is added etc.
GlossaryThis icon will take you to our 'glossary of music terms department where a comprehensive selection of English, Italian, French & German music terms are listed.
Pop-up PianoPop-up Piano - a handy pop-up piano keyboard useful for checking pitches and intervals. You may 'minimize' the pop-up during courses. (Not IE)
ManuscriptManuscript:-If you need any type of manuscript paper to print out click here

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