Grade 2 - Course A - Start Page

Welcome to the Grade 2A mini-course which is the first part of grade 2. Once you click 'start' the 10 pages will continue to loop until you click the finish icon or the home icon in the top left hand corner of the screen. There are several videos to supplement the course if needed. Once you click the 'finish' icon you may take a quiz test to check out your new found knowledge. Use the triangle shaped forward/back buttons to advance through the course. This course covers Keys of Bb, Eb, A majors and D, E and G minors - also introducing the 'pentatonic' and 'dorian' modal scales. The Double Bass is featured as is the composer W. A. Mozart.

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Pop-up Piano - Open a new window Pop-up Piano a handy pop-up piano keyboard useful for checking pitches and intervals. You may 'minimize' the pop-up during courses.
flashcard logo Click here to play 'Dragon-drop'. This icon only appears where specific exercises may be helpful. Better still, get a pen and some manuscript and write the exercises out!
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